Hiking or biking

On foot or by bike

Haute Marne offers magnificent landscapes, in the heart of forests, or along canals and lakes. You’ll see the rich fauna and flora.

Explore the majestic forests and enjoy the beautiful views, or pass through flower-adorned villages on a guided cycling tour. We’ll provide you with a walking or cycling guide from our La Forge de Sainte Marie campsite.

On the Santiago de Compostela trail

La Forge de Sainte Marie is on the Santiago de Compostela trail, running from Vézelay, and over more than 400km across the Champagne Ardenne region, skirting the Lac du Der, crossing the Forêt National Park and then leaving the region through the Côte des Bars.

Book your rental: mobile home or gite, in our La Forge de Sainte Marie campsite.