Discovering history


Haute Marne is a region with a rich history

Many famous people from French history spent a large part of their lives in this area. Several monuments and museums mark their history and are within easy reach of our campsite.

Our campsite near Saint Dizier

La Forge de Sainte Marie campsite near Saint Dizier welcomes you for holidays with family or friends.

Situated a few minutes from the Lac du Der and our campsite, Saint Dizier and its fortified castle has a long history. King Francis I and Charles V stayed at the castle surrounded by ramparts. Near the town of Saint Dizier, you can enjoy the Lac du Der, the largest artificial lake in Europe, the beaches and the lake sources. You can also explore the pretty little town of Vitry-en-Perthois which, in the Middle Ages, was the seigneury for the counts of Troyes.

Near our campsite, Saint Dizier and its surroundings offer nice walks and opportunities for families to spend time together on the banks of the Lac du Der or the Champaubert peninsula.

Around Saint Dizier and La Forge Saint Marie campsite, you’ll be able to find many sites full of history.


Built in 1561, the Auditoire de Joinville is a court of high justice that has kept its prisons and dungeons, among others. It presents numerous models and life-size reconstructions. Guided tours are available and in the summer there are regular themed evenings and events.


This site, just a few kilometres from the campsite, is home to a first century Roman amphitheatre. Discovered in 1963, wooden steps and walkways were built to protect the ancient remains. The mosaic at Grand is considered one of the largest works of its kind known in Europe. Don’t miss a visit to this impressive site.

Domrémy la Pucelle

This village in nearby Vosges, is the birthplace of Joan of Arc and you will find many monuments and museums in her memory. One of its monuments is the beautiful Basilica of Saint Joan of Arc, which is illuminated at night.

Bourlemont Fort

This fort built in the 19th century is certainly worth a visit. Fortunately, the fort did not have to be used during the two world wars and has come down to us with the original walls, parapets and firing platforms intact.


In the 18th century, the Marquise of the Château de Cirey sur Blaise gave asylum to Voltaire. Discover the eccentric life of this great writer during a tour of the castle.

Colombey les Deux Eglises

One of the most striking places in the region is undoubtedly the monument (and cemetery and house) of General Charles de Gaulle, at Colombey les Deux Eglises. The Cross of Lorraine can be seen from far away, a sign of respect for the general.


Verdun, a symbol of the resistance of the French Army in 1916-1917, offers guided bus tours of the battlefields, and the museums tell the stories. About an hour and a half from the campsite.

Brienne le Château

In the 18th century, Napoleon Bonaparte spent 5 years in the French military academy of Brienne le Château. A visit here, which today houses the Napoleon Museum, reminds you of Napoleonic times.

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