Camping with restaurant in Haute-Marne

Enjoy your stay in our camping with restaurant AROMAE in Haute-Marne

Discover AROMAE, a unique and tasty culinary experience that combines elements of tapas and French culinary specialties, proposed by Romanée for a new restaurant concept.

Taste the local specialties

We offer a variety of themed boards, both savory and sweet, for you to enjoy alone or with a group over an aperitif, a drink or a meal. The local platters like the “Dordogne” with its foie gras and duck breast and the classic platters like the “seafood” with its marinated salmon and shrimps will please you. We also have sweet boards with mignardises and crepes, which will satisfy your desires. To accompany your choices, we have a menu of drinks and cocktails that will perfectly complement your dining experience.

A gourmet break during your vacations in Haute-Marne

During the summer period, you will be able to assist in the preparation of large frying pans during our twice-weekly activities. Join us on the terraces of our restaurant AROMAE to share a friendly moment in a warm atmosphere! You will leave with great memories.

If you stay with us, you won’t be able to miss the tempting smell of our roasted chickens! By 2023, we will be adding rotisseries to our camping facilities. If you are looking for meal ideas or don’t want to cook, we have the perfect solution! Come and get your chicken and enjoy it with your family, your friends or your partner. You’ll love it!

Have your breakfast delivered

Enjoy waking up slowly and ordering your breakfast to be delivered to your terrace. You’ll love this family-friendly moment!

Our continental breakfast includes bread, pastries, cold drinks, hot beverage mixes, jams and butters. Enjoy a beautiful day without having to worry about making breakfast!

Don’t look any further, book your next vacation in our Romanée establishment!